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Doctors & Nurses are demanded in Canada – 2023

by Harleen Kaur
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Doctors & Nurses are demanded in Canada – 2023

Recent reports showed Canada is facing shortage of labour in healthcare sector due to extensive demand and less number of health care workers. With time it is now becoming a subject of public concern.

Recent data showed that there are 958,800 Job vacancies in Canada having 152,000 specifically in field of healthcare as of August 2022. This led some hospitals to close their emergencies room temporarily due to shortage of staff.

Canada will begin targeting nurses and doctors starting in 2023 to address this problem. They will be issuing ITAs to most-in-demand workers. Justin Trudeau the prime minister of Canada & Immigration Council is aiming to issue permanent residency to 1.45 million new candidates within next three years.

Sean Fraser- the minister of IRCC stated that ‘IRCC will start targeting skilled-workers from year 2023’ in the latest immigration level plans. Mostly healthcare workers like doctors, physicians or nurses will be invited through these draws. These invitations will be Province specific making it easy for an applicant to validate their credentials and start practicing as soon as they arrive in the country. The applicant with the Highest CRS score can apply for Canadian PR. They will be ranked mainly on the basis of:

  • Language proficiency test results
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Years of Work experience

Canada heavily relies on immigration to fill its healthcare system job vacancies. Canada has 25% of the registered nurses and 36% percent of the physicians who are not Canadian. IRCC is currently taking measures to make it more easy and accessible to foreign healthcare workers to immigrate to Canada.

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