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Update on 700 International Students Facing Deportation from Canada

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Update on 700 International Students Facing Deportation from Canada

In a recent press conference, Minister of Immigration, addressed the pressing issue of 700 international students facing deportation from Canada. The announcement comes amidst concerns & protests from various student organizations & advocacy groups. Minister Fraser provided an update on the government’s actions & outlined plans to address the situation, aiming to find a fair & compassionate resolution for affected students.

The predicament faced by the 700 international students stems from a controversial policy change in the Canadian immigration system. These students had initially arrived in Canada with valid study permits and had been enrolled in educational institutions across the country. However, due to unforeseen circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic, some of these students were unable to meet the required course load to maintain their eligibility for study permits.

Minister Fraser’s Statement:

During the press conference, Minister Fraser acknowledged the gravity of the situation and expressed the government’s commitment to finding a solution that upholds Canada’s values of fairness, inclusivity, and compassion. She highlighted the importance of international students to Canada’s economy and cultural diversity, recognizing their valuable contributions to the country.

Government’s Actions:

Minister Fraser outlined a two-fold approach to address the issue. Firstly, the government will establish a task force comprising representatives from various stakeholders, including student organizations, educational institutions, and immigration experts. This task force will be responsible for assessing individual cases, considering the unique circumstances faced by each student, and providing recommendations to the government.

Secondly, the government will introduce a temporary measure to allow affected students to apply for an extension of their study permits. This extension will provide them with an opportunity to complete their studies, meet the required course load, and maintain their status in Canada legally. The specific details of the extension process, eligibility criteria, and timeline will be announced in the coming weeks.

Minister Fraser emphasized that the government understands the challenges faced by international students during the pandemic and recognizes that many factors beyond their control contributed to their current predicament. She reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring a fair and compassionate resolution for all affected students.

Support and Assistance:

To provide immediate support and assistance to the affected students, Minister Fraser announced the establishment of a dedicated helpline and online portal. These resources will serve as a platform for students to seek guidance, clarify their doubts, and receive information about the upcoming extension process.


Minister Fraser’s update on the 700 international students facing deportation from Canada reflects the government’s determination to address the issue with empathy and fairness. By establishing a task force and introducing a temporary extension measure, the government aims to find a resolution that acknowledges the unique circumstances faced by these students and provides them with a pathway to continue their studies in Canada. The government’s commitment to inclusivity and compassion demonstrates Canada’s ongoing support for international students and its recognition of their contributions to the country’s social fabric and economy.

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