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IRCC Updates British Columbia & Manitoba invite provincial nominees

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On Some Significant Updates An Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be streamlining the provincial nominees invitation and for these a different criteria for applicants to the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). In which a  significant improvement. This modification intends to make the application process Smoother for the candidates—Specially in-demand and skilled workers looking to settle in their provinces.

British Columbia & Manitoba has issued invitations to provincial nominees through their individual Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) this Month.

“The provinces invited more than 400 candidates from streams designed for in-demand and skilled workers looking to settle in their provinces.”

Nominees were invite from streams that priorities in-demand workers and international graduates in their respective provinces. Read on to learn more.

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Provincial immigration results: April 6th-12th

  • British Columbia (B.C.)

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) issued at least 88 invitations to apply for permanent residence (PR) through its Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) option) stream. This stream is made for international graduates who have graduate from a university or college within the province within the last three years, and who have a valid job offer from an employer in B.C.).

Invitations were issued to candidates who had professional experience within in-demand positions that the province is seeking. Specifically, these in-demand professions included:

  • Childcare professionals, who needed a minimum score of 90 to be invite;
  • Construction professionals, who needed a minimum score of 95 to be invite;
  • Healthcare professionals who need a minimum score of 95;
  • Tech professionals who needed a minimum score of 116; and
  • Veterinary care professionals who needed a minimum score of 80.

Including the EEBC option indicates that this is an enhanced provincial nomination stream. Enhance streams are align with the Express Entry management system, meaning that individuals within the Express Entry pool may be invite to apply for PR to a province through these streams. To learn more about enhanced nominations, find our dedicated webpage here.

  • Manitoba

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) issued more than 350 invitations to apply to candidates.

Through the Skilled Worker in Manitoba, Occupation-specific selection stream (part of the Manitoba Work Experience pathway), the MPNP invited 276 invitations to apply to individuals who were working within in-demand occupations in the province. Specifically, individuals worked under the following National Occupation Classifications (NOC)*:

  • 33102—Nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates;
  • 60020—Retail and wholesale trade managers; and
  • Group 731—Workers in general construction trades.

*The NOC system is Canada’s standardize method to categorize occupations within the country.

The MPNP also invited 87 candidates through the Skilled Worker Overseas stream. Individuals in this draw need to have a minimum score of 691 and had to indicate they were invite by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

Of the 363 invitations issue through these two programs, 81 were issued to candidates who also declare a valid Express Entry profile, indicating that these are both enhance streams.

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