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BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration: REGIONAL PILOT PROGRAM

by Harleen Kaur
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BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration: REGIONAL PILOT PROGRAM

British Columbia welcomes entrepreneurs from the world to explore numerous opportunities of businesses across any region in the province. This program can be facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs who are wishing to invest their funds and manage a venture in smaller communities across British Columbia.

This pilot program was first initiated in March, 2019 and now has been continued to March, 2024. This is particularly designed to evenly distribute the economic benefit across the province.

For initial 12 months, foreign national will receive a temporary work permit to conduct and establish their business in British Columbia.


  • Active Community Role: Communities are an active member during the selection process. They personally meet with the prospective entrepreneur and learn about their personal background and the proposed business model. Some communities may have a service fee. Interested candidates are requested to follow and respect different community’s specific process.
  • Community Referral: After meeting the community in personal, if a candidate feels like they are best suited for their business and their family, they can ask the community to provide them a referral letter. This letter allows the candidate to apply under this program.
  • Community Attendant: Participating communities will benefit from the services of a dedicated Community Concierge who was appointed through the pilot program to assist with their immigration concerns.
  • Priority Invitations: The applicants who are referred by communities are placed in different pool for EI Regional Pilot program. These applications are thus given more consideration and are preferred by BC PNP during the invitation process


  • The applicant must have a minimum 3 years of experience as Business owner or 4+ years of experience as senior manager.
  • They must have a minimum net worth of CAD300,000
  • The candidate must be taking 51% of ownership as a stakeholder in new business.
  • The minimum investment must not be less than CAD100,000
  • The business should at-least provides ONE full-time job to a Canadian citizen or PR holder.
  • The applicant at-least score a CLB 4 in English or French proficiency language test.


  • Community should have a population of lesser than 75,000 inhabitants.
  • It must be located 30km away from the city.
  • They should also provide proof of being eligible to host a newcomer entrepreneur.


➤ PREPARATION AND RESEARCH: Candidate should determine whether he/she is eligible for the program based on the criteria mentioned above. Before registration the candidate must ensure to do the following things:

  • Research about the different enrolled communities. Refer this .
  • Conduct a visit to community to explore more.
  • Meet the concerned person.
  • Request and obtain a referral.

➤ REGISTER YOURSELF WITH BC PNP: Create your profile on the portal. Upload every required document including your basic information, business plan, valid photo, passport biographical page, test results and others. Then submit your profile.

➤ APPLY FOR BC PNP: Follow the mentioned steps while applying for BC PNP:

  • Net worth review: Verify your personal net worth before submission of your application. You must provide all the supporting documents for the same.
  • Submitting the application: You will have 120 days from the time you receive invitation to apply to complete your application. It also includes your net worth review, comprehensive business model and the supporting documents.
  • Application fee: pay the application fee of $3,500 which is non-refundable.
  • Assessment: BC PNP after reviewing your application can either accept or decline your application provided that you have met all the program eligibility requirements.
  • Interview: If BC PNP asks, you will have to attend in personal interview. There you will have to explain details about your business proposal, its execution and related questions.
  • Performance agreement: Before the approval of your application, you must sign a performance agreement.

➤ WORK PERMIT: BC PNP will issue you the letter of confirmation which allows you to apply in IRCC for your work permit. This will give you and your family a pathway to enter into BC and start implementing on your business.

➤ NOMINATION: You must demonstrate you have met all the pointers mentioned in the performance agreement while submitting your final report. BC PNP will evaluate your report or eve may visit at your business site to gather all the information and to check whether you’re present there at the time of submission and on the basis of that decides your eligibility for nomination. Upon approval you need to sign a document representing Conditions of Nomination. After signing up the conditions, BC PNP will issue you the confirmation of nomination as a provincial nominee. 

➤ APPLICATION FOR PR: With the confirmation of nomination from the BC PNP , you can apply for permanent residence on IRCC website. IRCC after evaluating your application may provide you with approval and you will get your permanent residence (PR) visa.

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