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Canada PNP 2024- Provincial Nominee Programs for Skilled Workers

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The Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a set of Canadian immigration programs operated by the Government of Canada in partnership with individual provinces, each of which having its own requirements and ‘streams’ (i.e., target groups). In a program stream, provinces and territories may, for example, target: business people, students, skilled workers, or semi-skilled workers.

While provincial governments manage Canada PNPs according to their individual objectives, the federal government’s immigration department, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, ultimately administers and decides on permanent residence applications.

What is the process of Canada PNP in 2024?

  • Have a valid Express entry profile.
  • Choose a suitable PNP Program.
  • Check the eligibility & in-demand occupations
  • Create an account on the official PNP website
  • Get an invite to apply for the PNP
  • File an application by submitting docs
  • Get nomination from Provincial Govt.
  • Secure 600 CRS Points upon nomination
  • File ITA in Express Entry & Get a Permanent Resident Canada Visa

What Are The Available Canada PNP Pathways In 2024?

1Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program No job offer required. Any profile from TEER 0,1,2&3 can apply.
British Columbia PNP Program
Job offer needed in the profile from TEER 0,1,2&3
3Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee ProgramNo job offer required. Any profile from TEER 0,1,2&3 can apply for Canada PR
4Nova Scotia Nominee ProgramNo job offer required. Only need a letter of interest to apply
5Manitoba PNP ProgramMust have a family member and experience in the province.
6Alberta Advantage Immigration ProgramHave experience in an in-demand occupation and family connection in Alberta or a job offer from Alberta.
7New Brunswick Canada PNP Program  Have a job offer or a family connection in the province.
8Prince Edward Island PNP ProgramHave a job offer or work experience in the province.

BC Provincial Nominee Program

The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an immigration program for British Columbia that gives “high-demand foreign workers and experienced entrepreneurs” the opportunity to become a permanent resident in BC. The BC PNP offers 2 pathways to obtain a permanent residence in BC, each containing different streams one can apply under, depending on their National Occupational Classification skill level, job, or international-student status:

Skills Immigration: This stream, primarily using a points-based invitation system, is for skilled and semi-skilled workers in high-demand occupations in BC. Candidates may not need prior work experience for some categories; however, Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled category applicants require B.C. work experience. Candidates may have work experience from abroad; and recent international graduates of a Canadian post-secondary institution may not need any work experience, depending on the job being offered.

BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) 

  • BC PNP Tech: Those in specific tech occupations may qualify for invitation at a lower points threshold and receive priority assignment for processing..
  • Express Entry: International Student and Skilled Worker candidates can select either the Express Entry or Standard version of the BC PNP streams.
  • Express Entry streams: offer shorter timelines for federal permanent residence application processing.
  • Priority Occupations: Since 2022, the BC PNP has also provided occupation specific invitations to apply at lower point thresholds based on specific occupations in education, healthcare and veterinary care.
  • Health Authority and International Post-Graduate Streams – Qualifying candidates, such as those with a job offer from a public health authority or those who’ve graduated from selected programs at BC post-secondary institutions, can apply directly to the program without registering, obtaining a score and being invited to apply.
  1. Entrepreneur Immigration: This stream, using a points-based invitation system, is for experienced entrepreneurs who wish to actively manage a business in BC. Applicants must create a minimum number of jobs, have the required personal net worth, and make a minimum level of eligible investment.
  • Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot: an option for entrepreneurs who wish to start a new business in participating regional communities across BC.
  • Entrepreneur Immigration – Base: an option for entrepreneurs who wish to acquire or start a new business in the province.
  • Strategic Projects: an option for international companies seeking to expand into BC, and who require permanent residency for key employees. 

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