Privacy Policy

Lebiz Canada discerns the significance of preserving complete concealment. Any personal information and/or business proprietary information that you may provide to us is handled with strict confidentiality.

“We value your privacy and take responsibilities in regard to your data solemnly”.


  • Privacy policy notifies you as how we make use of your personal information gathered here .
  • You can ensure that your private information is utilized only by our trained staff for the work you have engaged our office to do.
  • We will not use your e-mail address for any other objective and will not reveal it without your authorization.
  • This Policy generally defines acceptable privacy regulations for protecting and appropriately using confidential information at Lebiz Canada.

Information Collected and Method Of collection:

We gather following type of information from you ;

  • User Information: This information is collective information of user like their name, e-mail address, contact number, company/job designation and other required information about your family.
  • Demographic Information: Age, Gender, Economic data (occupation, income, etc.), Social (Education and housing) data.
  • Behavioural Information and Indirect Information.
  • We may collect User Information when you call/enquire us about or avail of Our Services or attend any seminars, conferences or Meetings organized by Us.
  • We may collect User Information that you provide Us with for attending meetings held at Our offices such as your personal and professional information.
  • Further, we may also gather your information indirectly through various online modes or by using different online platforms.

Use of information:

This data is required to compute out your specific requirements and to offer you excellent services.

  • To operate and enhance the services we provide to our users and improve our business as whole.
  • Analysing and maintaining of internal data.
  • Research and quality assessment procedures.
  • For filling your Visa application.
  • Answer to any of your queries you may have

Disclosure of your information:

  • We may disclose your information to our lawyers or companies engaged with your process.
  • We may share your personal or professional details to government authorities if required legally
  • We may share your specific information with third party links such as contractors, CA, or agents that will be processing your application on our behalf.

Security Of your Information:

  • We strive to keep physical, technical, and security measures that are adequate to guard Your Information against loss, abuse, copying, damage or modification, as well as unauthorized access or revelation.
  • We protect all of your financial and personal information, and employ our best efforts to avoid your information from becoming read by anyone or being intercepted while it travels on the Internet.
  • Moreover, we shall not be responsible for any misuse of your information due to actions of third parties or events which are beyond our control.

Changes to your Information:

  • You may choose to delete or modify any of the information including your personal or professional details that you provided to us by contacting our team.
  • Our company reserves the right confirm and authenticate your identity as well as Your personal information in order to ensure that you receive the correct services via the platform.
  • You may also request us to make any changes in your provided information and respond to the request within the shortest amount of time.