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With a strong economic growth, low taxes, excellent quality of live, advantage of favorable business treaty with US and business costs Canada has become a leading destination for Indians to set up business in this country. Towards this end, Canada encourages aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world offering many types of immigrant visas such as Inter Company Transfer, visas for Start-up entrepreneurs and Investor Visa. These visas allow you to live and set up your own business in Canada. We at LeBizCanada will help you with following aspects of setting business in Canada:

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Investor Status for business owners

Investor Status/Investor Visa for Entrepreneurs/Executives/Managers
/Employees (including family)

As part of our complete support to the Entrepreneurs setting up business in Canada, we provide complete support for filling of Investor Status for Executives, Managers and Employees of the company. We primarily support following categories of Visa Filling for Canada: -

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