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Why I started this consultancy?

As a naturalized citizen of Canada, I truly love Canada. The country has given me so much in my life that I would always feel blessed to have migrated to Canada very early in my career. I also highly regard the values and education I got in India, my country of birth. This venture of mine, is to bring closer both the countries together by helping Indian Businesses do business in Canada and also experience the excellent opportunities that Canada has to offer.

Being a Chartered Accountant having worked in both the Countries (Canada and India) with companies like KPMG, LeBiz will provide one stop consulting services to entrepreneurs in India to do business in Canada and also plan their life in Canada.

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Our Team


Ashish Dua

Fellow Chartered Accountant, B.Com(H) from Sri Ram College of Commerce, IFRS Certified

Daljeet Singh Bhatia

Bachelor of commerce Delhi university , Master of Buisness Adminstartion (Finance)

Team at Work


Process to fulfill your aspiration of doing business and living in Canda

Schedule one-to-one meeting

At your convenience, it would be an honor to connect with you in a one-to-one meeting and review each and every aspect of your business. This include the nature of business, turnover and prospect of the business in Canada. This would help us give inputs on roadmap that we may need adopt inorder to meet your objectives of doing business in Canada and also plan your life in Canada.

Sign the agreement

As a next step, we would sign up on a detailed agreement with you and your company. The agreement terms would involve (apart from our professional fees), the services we are going to provide for completing whole process of setting up your business in Canada and supporting you and your family for entry into Canada on required visa.

Complete the process

Once the agreement is completed, we would immediately start the process of completing the required paperwork (business plan, incorporation, filling of visa etc.). Normally it takes between 60-90 days for the completion of process. Our team will work very closely with you and your team in ensuring the completion of paperwork is as smooth as possible. Our whole process is templatized and easy to understand and complete.

Important: If required, we would be also more than happy to provide support to you and your business in building business connections/partnerships with other busineses/customers (B2B/B2C) in Canada. We provide these services as part of Marketing/Branding services of LeBiz Canada.